High Pressure Technology

JetPower40HW - hot water design

Pow­er­ful and gen­tle with hot wa­ter

The se­ries Jet­Pow­er has been ex­tend­ed by Jet­Pow­er40HW to en­sure high pres­sure clean­ing with hot wa­ter up to 95°C at op­er­at­ing pres­sures of up to 1000 bar. Jet­Pow­er40HW is equipped with the lat­est burn­er tech­nol­o­gy on suc­tion side thus im­prov­ing ser­vice in­ter­vals and sys­tem re­li­a­bil­i­ty. The hot wa­ter sys­tem it­self is not op­er­at­ed with high pres­sure.&nb­sp; Hence our re­li­able high pres­sure plunger pump P3-10 meets the strin­gent de­mands and pro­vides flow rates of 20 l/min at 95° C with op­er­at­ing pres­sures of 1000 bar .

The pump is equipped with Hatz die­sel en­gine „Made in Ger­many“, ex­haust emis­sion 3B / Tier4­fi­nal / stage IV. Jet­Pow­er40HW com­bines high­ly ef­fi­cient com­po­nents with the lat­est emis­sion stan­dards to save fu­el and to re­duce emis­sion.

The unit is es­pe­cial­ly suit­able for the quick and gen­tle clean­ing of sur­faces in ci­ties and towns, e.g. for re­mov­ing chew­ing gums and graf­fi­ti at public places, car parks and build­ings. In the build­ing sec­tor it is used to clean and ren­o­vate fa­cades and his­tor­i­cal monu­ments, con­struc­tion ve­hi­cles and scaf­fold­ings. In the oil & gas in­dus­try, Jet­Pow­er40HW is ide­al for clean­ing oi­ly, greasy or resi­nous sur­faces as well as to re­move ad­h­e­sive coat­ings and resi­dues.

The hot wa­ter pump unit Jet Pow­er40HW cleans in an ef­fi­cient, quick and pow­er­ful way. Heavy as well as light scal­ing, coat­ing and con­tam­i­nants on da­m­age­able sur­faces can be cleaned and re­moved in a gen­tle and fast way by the use of hot wa­ter with pres­sures of up to 1000 bar.