High Pressure Technology

Since the Pump is the Heart.

URA­CA have had a lead­ing role in de­sign and pro­duc­tion of high-qual­i­ty high pres­sure plunger pumps for sev­er­al de­cades. We fo­cus on os­cil­lat­ing dis­place­ment pumps for a great va­ri­e­ty of liquids to be pumped against high pres­sure.

URA­CA plunger pumps have proven suc­cess­ful in heavy-du­ty in­dus­trial 24-hour op­er­a­tion for de­cades.

The qual­i­ty of th­ese pumps equal­ly pre­vails in in­ter­mit­tent op­er­a­tion, for ex­am­ple in high pres­sure clean­ing.

Whether in­dus­trial use or clean­ing ap­pli­ca­tions: Each ap­proach can on­ly be con­vinc­ing if the high pres­sure pump as the heart of the sys­tem is of the high­est qual­i­ty.

Since the pump is the heart: 3D-Animation live