High Pressure Technology


All URA­CA pow­er ends are un­com­pro­mis­ing­ly de­signed for 24-hour op­er­a­tion. Their ar­eas of op­er­a­tion range from the Arc­tic Cir­cle to the trop­ic re­gions and they are elec­tri­cal­ly, hy­drauli­cal­ly or die­sel-driv­en. High­est op­er­a­tio­n­al safe­ty and above av­er­age ser­vice life un­der any con­di­tions are a mat­ter of course. To achieve this lev­el of qual­i­ty the pow­er ends are com­plete­ly man­u­fac­tured at our plant, down to the crank shafts.

URA­CA of­fer a va­ri­e­ty of pump drives which are ide­al for the re­spec­tive ap­pli­ca­tion. This in­cludes par­tic­u­lar­ly com­pact drives with op­ti­mized pow­er-to-weight ra­tio for mo­bile use as well as ex­treme­ly stur­dy pow­er ends for large pumps for in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­tions.

Be­cause the pump is the heart: 3D-Animation live