High Pressure Technology

Tak­ing re­spon­si­bil­i­ty re­flects self-con­fi­dence and strength.

Re­spon­si­ble for the con­tent:

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URA­CA Geschäfts­führungs GmbH, Bad Urach
Ma­n­ag­ing di­rec­tor:
Di­pl.-Ing. (FH), Di­pl.-Ex­portwirt (EA) Gun­ter Stöhr
Reg­is­tra­tion: Stutt­gart, HRB 360121

VAT ID num­ber: DE 147 172 920
Tax num­ber: 89 079 40 530

All in­for­ma­tion and ex­pla­na­tions of th­ese in­ter­net sides are non­com­mit­tal. URA­CA Pum­pen­fab­rik GmbH & Co. KG does not give any guar­an­tees for the cor­rect­ness and com­plete­ness of con­tents. No war­ran­ty is tak­en over and no war­ran­ty is made by prod­uct prop­er­ties. From con­tents of the in­ter­net sides no le­gal claims re­sult. Er­rors in con­tents are cor­rect­ed im­me­di­ate­ly when brought to our at­ten­tion. Con­tents of the in­ter­net sides can­not be up to date per­ma­nent­ly due to time-de­layed ac­tu­al­iza­tion. There­fore please con­tact us for cur­rent in­for­ma­tion, tech­ni­cal de­tails and avai­l­a­bil­i­ty of the prod­ucts and ser­vices. Links on other in­ter­net sides are not per­ma­nent­ly con­trolled. For con­tents of linked sides we do not take re­spon­si­bil­i­ty.
Down­loads of da­ta and soft­ware

URA­CA Pum­pen­fab­rik GmbH & Co. KG does not give any guar­an­tees for the ac­cu­ra­cy of da­ta and soft­ware which can be down­load­ed from the in­ter­net sides. The soft­ware is checked for virus by URA­CA Pum­pen­fab­rik GmbH & Co. KG. Nev­er­the­less we re­c­om­mend you ex­amine da­ta and soft­ware af­ter down­load­ing, us­ing the lat­est an­ti-virus soft­ware.
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Pro­tec­tion of per­so­n­al da­ta and con­fi­den­tial­i­ty

We can­not guar­an­tee that in­for­ma­tion or per­so­n­al da­ta con­veyed to us, will not be­come „heard“ by a third par­ty dur­ing trans­mis­sion.

Use of web an­a­lyt­ics ser­vice "etrack­er" and right of ob­jec­tion
On this web­site, tech­nolo­gies of etrack­er GmbH (www.etrack­er.com) col­lect and store da­ta for mar­ket­ing and op­ti­miza­tion pur­pos­es and to im­prove our web­site. Th­ese da­ta are, in par­tic­u­lar, the fol­low­ing non-per­so­n­al da­ta:
Name of the file or ac­cessed page
Date and time of call / ALOS
re­duced stor­age of IP ad­dress­es and do­main da­ta
In­for­ma­tion about the pro­gram that re­trieves da­ta (us­er agent)
amount of da­ta trans­mitt­ed
In­ter­net ad­dress of the pre­vi­ous page (re­fer­r­er)
Mes­sage if the ac­cess / re­trie­val was suc­cess­ful
From this da­ta, us­age pro­f­its can be cre­at­ed pseu­donym. Cookies may be used. It is par­tic­u­lar­ly not­ed that your IP ad­dress­es and do­main da­ta is stored on­ly short­ened, so that a con­clu­sion can­not be done as a per­son.
The da­ta col­lect­ed with the etrack­er tech­nolo­gies will with­out your ex­plic­it consent not be used to per­so­n­al­ly iden­ti­fy you or to pass on to third par­ties. This in­for­ma­tion will not be merged with per­so­n­al da­ta about the bear­er of the pseu­donym. Ex­cep­tions are made on­ly by law or in the ball­park of a po­lice or procu­ra­to­rial in­vesti­ga­tion. Af­ter this use, the can­cel­la­tion of the da­ta takes place. A per­ma­nent stor­age is ex­clud­ed.
This da­ta col­lec­tion and stor­age can be re­voked at any time with ef­fect for the fu­ture. How­ev­er, it may be that you may not be able to use all fea­tures of this web­site in this case. To en­sure this ex­clu­sion of the da­ta stor­age in your brows­er a cookie is set. This cookie named 'cnt­cookie' and is of 'etrack­er. de 'set. He must not be delet­ed as long as the stor­age of the da­ta is re­ject­ed.
Here you can ex­clude the da­ta stor­age.
(see www.etrack­er.com/de/daten­schutz.html)

URA­CA Pum­pen­fab­rik GmbH & CO. KG is not li­able for da­m­ages, in par­tic­u­lar di­rect and in­di­rect conse­quen­tial da­m­ages, da­ta loss, loss of pro­f­it, sys­tem or pro­duc­tion loss, re­sult­ing from the use of th­ese in­ter­net pages or the down­load­ing of da­ta. If the da­m­age aris­es from the use of the in­ter­net pages or the down­load­ing of da­ta, de­lib­er­ate­ly or due to gross neg­li­gence, the dis­claimer is not valid. The le­gal re­la­tion­ship re­sult­ing from the use of the in­ter­net pages be­tween you and URA­CA Pum­pen­fab­rik GmbH & Co. KG is sub­ject to the law of the Fed­er­al Re­public of Ger­many. In the event of liti­ga­tion with ful­ly li­able traders aris­ing from the use of the in­ter­net pages, the place of liti­ga­tion shall be the resi­dence of URA­CA Pum­pen­fab­rik GmbH & Co. KG in Bad Urach.