High Pressure Technology

A test speaks loud­er than a thou­sand words

De­mon­s­tra­tions at our URA­CA tech­ni­cal cen­ter or on site with our mo­bile de­mon­s­tra­tion units al­low us to an­a­lyze your re­quire­ments, to point out so­lu­tions and al­so to show our great ca­pac­i­ties and the sim­ple han­dling of URA­CA prod­ucts. Of­ten on­ly a test can show whether the de­sired tar­gets can be achieved with the pro­posed equip­ment, pres­sure, flow and pow­er.

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The pa­ram­e­ters de­ter­mined dur­ing the test al­low us to pro­vide a quo­ta­tion that is tailored ex­act­ly to your re­quire­ments. Our URA­CA de­mon­s­tra­tion truck is equipped with a high pres­sure pump unit ca­pa­ble of a great per­for­mance range.