High Pressure Technology

One hun­dred per­cent URA­CA straight from a per­fect start

If re­quired, all non-mo­bile URA­CA prod­ucts and sys­tems are care­ful­ly in­s­talled and com­mis­sioned by our own ex­pe­ri­enced ex­perts at your site. It is of the great­est im­por­tance to us not to in­ter­rupt your pro­cess­es and to en­sure smooth func­tion­ing from the first hour of op­er­a­tion.

Your em­ploy­ees will re­ceive a full in­tro­duc­tion in­to the op­er­a­tion and can na­t­u­ral­ly re­quest in­for­ma­tion from our ser­vice per­son­nel. Mo­bile units are usu­al­ly hand­ed over on site at URA­CA where your em­ploy­ees will re­ceive an in­tro­duc­tion. Of course we are al­so hap­py to de­liv­er the units to your site.