Efficient high pressure cleaning for pipes and sewers

Regular cleaning is essential so that sewers and pipelines can permanently fulfill their function without any problems. Residues have to be removed so that narrowing of cross sections or backwater situations are avoided, which may lead to the entire failing.

For use in hydrodynamic sewer cleaning, URACA has been producing high quality and hard-wearing pumps for decades – the core of every sewer cleaning vehicle. Increased requirements are placed on pipelines in industrial plant construction as well because accumulations can strongly reduce the performance of the plant. Specially molded nozzles use high pressure technology to remove accumulations from pipe walls and sewers without leaving residue.

Our services for your advantage

  • robust, long-lasting and reliable
  • unique performance
  • maintenance and service-friendly design
  • varied possible uses
  • compact design, hardly needs any space on the rinsing vehicle
  • flexibly rotates left or right
  • wear-resistant URACA mushroom valves
  • resistant against recycled water
  • different pressure and power levels possible
URACA Application: Sewer cleaning

Example of cleaning for pipes and sewers

High requirements for industrial cleaning pumps

URACA pumps are reliable and effective to the maximum extent. They are used worldwide in sewer and pipeline cleaning and are characterized by their resistance. High pressure cleaning usually generated pressures of 100 to 250 bar at the pump. The maximum pressure has to be limited so that the pipe system is not damaged but must simultaneously be hgh enough to remove accumulated deposits entirely.

The use of recycled water represents an additional load for the pump. The water transported by the pump may contain residue such as suspended particles, solids, foreign bodies or corrosive contents. Because of their robust design, URACA pumps are suited to this environment and prove themselves under even the toughest conditions. URACA stands for innovative, strong technology and competence.

Benefits of high pressure cleaning

The high pressure cleaning of pipes and sewers with water is an environmentally friendly cleaning method. The following benefits can be seen:

  • Compared to chemical cleaning methods, the use of chemical cleaning agents is not necessary.
  • Thanks to rinsing water recovery, high pressure cleaning is environmentally friendly.
  • As no new water is added, the cleaning takes place with no interruption.
  • High pressure cleaning is therefore more economical than other cleaning methods.

To operate the cleaning pumps, URACA manufactures suitable high pressure pump units. These are also easy to use, varied in their application and, for example, can be used flexibly at any time as a trailer on a car.

URACA sewer cleaning pumps are precisely tailored to the cleaning of sewers and pipes of all kinds and remove almost all dirt without leaving any residue. They stand for robustness and reliability and are suitable for all tasks. Cleaning methods based on high pressure water with URACA pumps represent an economical and environmentally friendly sewer maintenance method.

Would you like to find out more about the possible uses of our cleaning pumps in sewer or pipeline systems? Then get in touch. URACA builds the right pump for every use – for you too, guaranteed.