High pressure technology for refining components

in the automotive sector

Producing vehicle engines that run flawlessly while also ensuring efficient production processes in the automotive sector demands clean reprocessed parts. For various refinement applications such as deburring, surface preparation and surface cleaning, URACA offers affordable and reliable solutions based on selection of pumps and high-pressure equipment. Depending on the application, our solutions use various transport media for refining components. URACA high-pressure components achieve a long service life despite the presence of abrasive media.

A selection of component refinement applications from URACA

URACA offers the following applications for component refinement:

What to watch out for when refining components using high-pressure solutions

The quality of the applied media is particularly crucial in component refinement. Even though filtering systems are used when preparing various sorts of media, it is hardly possible to completely eliminate the accumulation of dirt particles. Particles are especially likely to accumulate in the media when circular flow operations are used. These fine particles act like a grinding paste and lead to serious wear and tear on high-pressure components such as valves. In order to ensure a long service life, high-pressure components have to be appropriately set up.

Measures such as reducing the pump speed or the selection of particularly resistant materials make a significant contribution to increasing service life. Despite increased investment costs for larger pumps and valves, along with costly materials, costs will be reduced in the long term. This will lead to fewer service intervals and a reduction in maintenance costs.

All pumps, pump systems and jet spray equipment used for refining have been specifically selected by URACA for various customer applications and they have been tailored to the respective requirements.

Advantages offered by component refinement performance from URACA

  • high-pressure components that provide reliable operations
  • long-lasting pump and valve technology
  • specially designed jet nozzle systems and swivel joints
  • intelligent control and monitoring systems
  • a high degree of system and personnel safety
  • affordable processes when compared to other solutions
  • adjustment of pump parameters with the assistance of internal test benches
  • optimization of spray jet equipment for individual applications
  • tailored solutions created jointly with the customer

URACA products for component refinement in the automotive sector

URACA offers a wide range of suitable products for component refinement in the automotive sector.

Component refinement takes high priority in the automotive sector and it is a prerequisite for ensuring reliable, well-functioning vehicles as well as efficient manufacturing processes. As a manufacturer of high-pressure components, URACA offers affordable and long-lasting products for various application areas in component refinement. URACA works together with its clients to developed customized solutions. If you would like to learn more about the possibilities of component refinement using high-pressure technology from URACA, then get in touch with our experts for an in-depth consultation.