Surface preparation with high-performance high-pressure solutions

For various surface work such as cleaning, rust removal, degreasing, ablation or structuring, the high pressure technology provides ideal solutions. The surfaces of materials such as stone, concrete or metal can be treated efficiently and gently with high-pressure water.

URACA supplies complete systems with a pressure of up to 3,000 bar. In addition, a wide range of application-specific accessories is available.

Our services for your benefit

  • powerful water jet cleaning technology
  • economical thanks to cleaning with cost-efficient water
  • universally applicable processing methods
  • robust, reliable technology
  • by dispensing with detergents in an environmentally friendly way
  • systems can be integrated into existing processes
  • high degree of automation possible
  • careful handling of the materials
  • safety devices and intelligent technology
  • complete systems of up to 3,000 bar available

Different types of surface preparation

The high-pressure water removes paints, paint residues and other coatings thoroughly and gently from surfaces and complex geometries.

High pressure water is used for rust removal, which has no risk of rust formation by drying the workpiece after the process.

The water is not fat-dissolving itself, but it removes the grease by high pressure thoroughly from the substrate. Degreasing also works on complex and angular geometries.

The fine burrs created during the mechanical machining of workpieces remove the high-pressure technology quickly and thoroughly without damaging the geometries or the material.

Lanes that no longer provide the required surface friction due to the rubber coating that has built up over time can be degummed quickly and with high-pressure water.

High-pressure technology can roughen or structure the surfaces of stone slabs, asphalt or metal and, if necessary, remove layers.

High-pressure water jet cutting ensures precise cuts in a variety of materials without much heating compared to other cutting techniques.

The removal of scale on iron or steel with the high-pressure technology ensures clean surfaces and prevents contamination by rolling iron oxide.

Surfaces to be treated with high pressure

Example for surface preparation

Advantages and requirements for high pressure technology

Compared to other surface technologies, high pressure technology offers many advantages. It uses water as a cleaning medium and is very environmentally friendly. Mechanical cleaning with jet water protects the substrate, but at the same time is fast and thorough. Depending on the type of contamination or the material to be processed, the method can be adapted individually by changing the pressure.

High-pressure solutions for surface treatment must convey media such as cold or hot water. In order to achieve the desired processing performance, high working pressures must be provided by the technology. To adapt to the different applications and the different materials, the pressure should be individually changeable.

Surface preparation with high-pressure water is a very versatile, thorough and material-saving process. URACA has great know-how and many years of experience in this area. High-performance complete solutions are available for a wide variety of applications. The URACA experts are happy to answer all your questions about this machining process. Contact us now - we will find suitable solutions together with you.