URACA Spray Gun SP 250-Vario - high pressure adjustable up to 250 bar/3630 psi

Not on­ly the price/per­for­mance ra­tio plays a de­ci­sive role for the pro­f­itable ef­fi­cien­cy of a high pres­sure tool, but al­so its ease of use and safe op­er­a­tion. This is why URA­CA’s new­ly de­signed spray gun SP 250 sets the high­est stan­dards. A new prod­uct from a suc­cess­ful prod­uct range, where­by URA­CA sets the pace.

Try out the new spray gun and feel it’s easy han­dling. There­fore, the lat­est ver­sion of the spray gun is per­fect for op­er­at­ing pres­sures of up to 250 bar/3630 psi and high flow rates.

With top qual­i­ty ma­te­rials and a so­phis­ti­cat­ed lightweight con­struc­tion it has been pos­si­ble to re­duce the weight of the spray gun to on­ly 1.5 kg/3 lbs. But with no re­duc­tion in its tough­ness and high re­silience. A great va­ri­e­ty of ac­ces­sories such as ex­ten­sion tubes, spe­cial noz­zle nip­ples, shoulder plates, elec­tric re­mote con­trols etc. is avai­l­able.

The ide­al spray gun for all jobs in sew­er clean­ing op­er­a­tions, sewage treat­ment plants, pa­per fac­to­ries etc. The ad­van­tages for a fa­tigue-free and mo­ti­vat­ed op­er­a­tion are ob­vi­ous:

  • Low weight, easy han­dling
  • Even more pres­sure for tough de­posits
  • Min­i­mum pull-off and hold force for easy and er­go­nom­ic op­er­a­tion
  • High flow rates
  • Low pres­sure loss­es (op­ti­mal kv-val­ue)
  • Uti­l­iza­tion of al­lowed re­pul­sion pow­er
  • Ex­ten­sive range of ac­ces­sories
  • Ro­bust, re­li­able, long-last­ing
  • Best price-per­for­mance ra­tio

URA­CA and wa­ter: A clean com­bi­na­tion in har­mony with econ­o­my and ecol­o­gy.