Pneumatic Selector Valve (3/2-ways valve) PUSV

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Pneumatic Selector Valve (3/2-ways valve) PUSV

An extremely compact 3/2-way valve for the highest demands in high-pressure technology.The pneumatically controlled 3/2-way valve for fast, uninterrupted switching between two high-pressure consumers. Special features: Defined rest position on failure of the actuating energy, under operating pressure switchable, available as double valve for ultra-compact design. Application range for operating pressures of up to 3,000 bar.

Technical Specification
  • Permissible positive operating pressure: 5-1200 bar
  • Recommended flow rate: 10-200 lpm
  • Dimensions: 389xØ195 mm
  • Weight: 11.2-23.3 kg
Specific Features
  • Bypass valve
  • Consumer shut-off valve
  • Unloading valve
Technical data sheet

Possible Applications

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