URACA Remote Control

for flexible remote service

URACA Remote Control is the ideal solution for remote service of JetPower units. Remote service can be easily installed in all JetPower units and ensures a wireless connection to the machines to be monitored. This ensures that the utilization of the high-pressure units is always in view and maintenance intervals are easier to adhere to. URACA has a lot of experience and competence in this field and delivers sophisticated solutions.

Advantages of URACA Remote Control

  • maximizes the efficiency of the machines
  • easy compliance with maintenance intervals
  • real-time, location-independent access to the units
  • convenient remote monitoring
  • sophisticated solutions for JetPower units
  • many years of experience and a lot of know-how from URACA

URACA Remote Control – more efficiency for your high-pressure units

URACA Remote Control increases the efficiency of the JetPower units. Configurable reports and real-time remote access keep JetPower fleet utilization under control. Maintenance intervals are easier to plan and adhere to. In case of service, access from any location worldwide is possible via smartphone, tablet or PC. If the JetPower machine is switched on, the exact position of the device can be determined via the online connection.

Competence and know-how for convenient remote service

URACA offers sophisticated solutions for convenient remote service of high-pressure units. Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive competence in this area, URACA remote service solutions work optimally together with the various JetPower units and ensure maximum machine efficiency.


With URACA Remote Control you can connect to your JetPower units from anywhere. You can remotely check utilization, query maintenance intervals, determine the exact location and much more. If you have any questions about URACA's remote maintenance solutions, please contact the experts now. They would be happy to advise you comprehensively on the many possibilities.