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URACA aquires French manufacturer of high pressure cleaning equipment

URACA GmbH & Co. KG has acquired the French Thenon Group at 22.02.2022. The Thenon Group mainly exists of two companies Hydroclean SAS, based in Noyal-Pontivy, and SAT Dimaco SAS, based in Chinon.

 Based on the current acquisition of Thenon Group and the former acquisition of Dynajet in 2018, URACA continues its way to expand high pressure cleaning business. With the Thenon Group, URACA acquired another entity to expand its product portfolio of cleaning pump units in the low and medium power range and to consistently strengthen its market presence.

The entities Hydroclean and Dimaco will continue their successful way as independent brands under the lead of URACA. We are working on the integration into the URACA Group with the target of generating synergy effects and other benefits. Both company design, manufacture and sell professional high-pressure cleaning units and accessories for a large number of in-dustries and applications. The main focus of URACA's business activities is the design and manufacturing of high-pressure plunger pumps and pump units for operating pressures up to 3.000 bar and a drive power up to 2.600 kW. In addition to these segments, URACA is also present in the market as a supplier of complex high-pressure cleaning systems. URACA pumps are used in almost all industrial sectors, especially in the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in heavy industry.


Logo Dimaco

Logo Hydroclean

URACA aquires Nürtinger manufacturer of high-pressure cleaning devices Dynajet

URACA GmbH & Co. KG. Together, both companies set a new benchmark and offer a product range of mobile high-pressure cleaning units from 150 bar up to high-end systems in the ultra-high pressure range. "We are thus creating further prerequisites for long-term success in the market for high-pressure cleaning," continues Stöhr.

URACA and DYNAJET are both from Baden-Württemberg's home of invention and have been cooperating for a long time. Of course, DYNAJET also uses the high-quality plunger pumps from URACA for its high-pressure washers. Gunter Stöhr is confident: "With DYNAJET we receive a high-quality developer and manufacturer of high-pressure water cleaners in the professional segment. We are thus strategically and consistently expanding our current product and service portfolio. " DYNAJET remains under URACA as an independent brand. The DYNAJET employees will continue to develop and manufacture the proven high-pressure water cleaners at the company headquarters in Nürtingen. Customers benefit from the bundled solution expertise of both companies. Andreas Fellmann, Managing Director of DYNAJET, is very pleased: "Thanks to URACA, DYNAJET has tremendous development and innovation potential. This will provide our customers with an expanded product range and new applications. "

With the acquisition of Dynajet, the German pump manufacturer continues to expand its market position in cleaning technology with its 130-year history.

DYNAJET, founded in 2001, develops professional high-pressure water cleaners and accessories for a wide range of industries and applications - from chewing gum removal, to cleaning construction equipment, to refurbishment of concrete. The range of high-pressure water cleaners ranges from 150 to 3,000 bar. DYNAJET high-pressure cleaners and accessories enable universal application possibilities for sectors such as construction, renovation, municipalities, cleaning service providers, shipyards as well as agriculture and forestry. Since 2013, DYNAJET has been headquartered in Nürtingen near Stuttgart.

URACA has set up a subsidiary in China

By founding the URACA High Pressure Technology (Dalian) Co,Ltd. subsidiary in Dalian,  URACA 
is acknowledging the importance of the Chinese market and taking action.

By integrating the existing representatives with the contact partners known on the market into a legally independent subsidiary, we can distribute our complete portfolio of products and services with even more presence on the Chinese market. Increased market presence, on-site service and more.
Customer orientation and a rise in the availability of our products in China are just a few of the reasons why our customers continue to choose URACA.

By providing technical consultation and local service within the market itself, we can shorten reaction times and support our customers. 
Do you also have to use high-pressure technology in China? We look forward to giving you comprehensive advice and presenting you the optimal solution for your application.


URACA modernizes and expands its subsidiary in France

URACA is also focusing on the French market. URACA France has been in operation for 32 years. It is well established on the market and continues to grow. As a result,we needed to expand our site. So we decided to acquire a new site with a modern building.

We expect to have completed the relocation by the start of 2018 at the very latest. Additionally beeing in charge of the South Europe territories (Spain and Portugal) Uraca France is trying to be closed of the North of Africa (Algeria, Marocco and Tunisia) while working on new projects in North Africa, URACA France is also in contact with other African countries. 2016 and 2017 has been good years because of some big project and now we looking for some other to keep to increase the global activity and even if Europe is not really increase his economy. We will have to find new opportunities and be competitive.

Do you have some interesting projects in France, Algeria, Marocco, Tunesia, Spain or Portugal and High Pressure Technology from URACA is required? Just let us know and get in contact with us. 


URACA branch in Mettmann

The URACA branch in Mettmann carries out the promotion of the products as well as the technical advice for all high-pressure applications directly at the customer's site. Faster response times through the on-site service point are just some of the challenging tasks.

Do you need support in high-pressure applications? Contact us here, we will be happy to help you.

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